Our Story
Raw Land Solutions, LLC’s mission is inspired by years of working with land owners and developers in capacities varying from legal counsel to engineer to owner’s representative. Many development projects lagged on and on and incurred excessive fees from the various service providers and vendors because no one person or firm was attending to all of the details. As a result, we became determined to manage several land development projects from beginning to end.

We are able to add significant value to each project by contributing our expertise and innovative business sense and overseeing and guiding all of the essential service providers and vendors smoothly through the development process. Much of the value that we add to a project is the result of our diligent attention to the owner’s vision, the timeline and budget that we assist the owner in creating and leading all of the other parties involved in the project through the development process in as timely and economical a way possible.

Since commencing business, we have found that the services and resulting value that we are able to provide to a development project are endless. We take great pride in our work and have been fortunate enough to enjoy every project that we have been involved in. We strive to find the right projects for our clients and then see that project through the entire development process on time and on budget.