Project Details

Lender Due Diligence | 2009 - 2010

Scope of Work:
- Due Diligence
- Research

Various lenders have come to RLS with the need for assistance on valuation, entitlement, and planning issues.

A lender came to RLS with a need for assistance with valuation due diligence on several projects in its portfolio. While an appraisal can provide raw numbers on the value of a project or development, that appraisal does not take into consideration intangible issues affecting the future development of the project such as utility and infrastructure fees and costs, HOA and metropolitan district concerns and municipal development obligations. Analysis of these items is where RLS came in to assist. By conducting due diligence on properties and developments with development issues, RLS was able to assist the lender with a realistic valuation of these properties that takes into account the intangible, but significant, costs of future development on specific projects.

A lender requested the expertise of RLS in determining the most cost effective manner to update their security on their book of loans, specifically with agricultural land and associated agricultural collateral.

RLS team members have worked with various lenders in Colorado and assisting on due diligence necessary for closing loans. This due diligence includes review of the following: title and survey, environmental and soils reports, entitlements and zoning and existing loans on the subject property as well as metro districts and infrastructure.

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