Project Details

Weld County Horse Impound | 2009 - 2010

Scope of Work:
- Entitlements and Permitting
- Due Diligence

This client came to RLS after discovering an ideal piece of property for their project. The client asked RLS to conduct the due diligence on the property, facilitate the purchase of the property and obtain the necessary county approvals for the intended use. The property was located in the Box Elder Creek floodway and RLS facilitated obtaining a map amendment with FEMA to remove portions of the property from the floodplain as well as a Flood Hazard Development Permit with Weld County. RLS worked with the engineer to prepare the necessary documentation for these submittals and has successfully obtained the necessary permits to build on the property. The property also had some issues with water quality. RLS worked with drillers, water engineers and other service providers to obtain a comprehensive water quality analysis and plan of action for the proposed use.

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