Project Details

Due Diligence - Edwards CO | 2010 - 2011

Scope of Work:
- Research
- Due Diligence

A prospective purchaser of the Property brought this project to RLS. The client wished RLS to create a complete picture of the Property that included all of the pros and cons allowing the purchaser to make an informed decision on the purchase. The Property was an environmentally challenged site, so the due diligence included review and research on the environmental condition of the Property, the mitigation efforts as well as the cost of continuing any required remediation. RLS also spent significant time at Eagle County reviewing the public records on the Property, the planning files, the water district records and the engineering data associated with the Property. RLS uncovered items of essential information including an unexecuted subdivision improvements agreement, water rights issues and the timeline for the Property expected by the County. RLS presented this information to the client allowing the client to make an informed purchasing decision within the tight timeframe needed to close.

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