Project Details

Suncor Energy USA Inc | 2011 - 2013

Scope of Work:
- Development and Zoning
- Entitlements and Permitting
- Due Diligence

Suncor Energy sought the assistance of RLS in the creation of a PUD for their Commerce City refinery, development of a GIS System, assistance with due diligence and management of a building inventory.

Development of PUD: RLS provided Suncor Energy with the on the ground perspective when Suncor decided to file for a new Planned Unit Development (PUD) at its Commerce City Refinery. By becoming experts on the scores of structures, buildings, pipelines and refinery equipment located on the refinery property, RLS assisted in drafting the PUD so that Suncors uses were accurately reflected and its needs were met. RLS worked extensively with Suncor engineers and attorneys to draft the PUD which has been approved by the planning commission and is slated for hearing before City Council later this year.

Building Inspection and Inventory: Suncor hired RLS to conduct an extensive building inventory within the three plants located at the Commerce City location. RLS walked the property and created a building inventory including the location, size, condition and challenges of each building, structure and storage container. RLS then managed a team of engineers and architect to prepare a comprehensive analysis of each building. RLS combined this data into a workable format that is usable by Suncor for permitting and maintenance purposes.

Due Diligence and GIS: Suncor enlisted RLS to complete a document review of all real estate, property and zoning document affecting the Commerce City refinery. RLS collected the documents from various sources, abstracted and reviewed those documents, and created a master spreadsheet that categorizes the hundreds of documents into one place where it will be searchable and useable by Suncor. During this project, RLS has worked with GIS specialists to create a Geographic Information System (GIS) map of the Suncor refinery. The GIS Map will include links to, the location and the description of each pipeline, easement and right of way that affects Suncors property. RLS has also assisted Suncor with discreet due diligence and research projects on various legal and zoning issues.

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