Project Details

Central City Parkway | 2003 - 2004

Scope of Work:
- Mineral and Title Research and Analysis
- Due Diligence
- Entitlements and Permitting

Members of RLS worked to piece together the mineral and surface right ownership and title commitment exceptions for the 8 mile, 60 foot wide right of way that became Central City Parkway in 20032004. To do so, we spent hours working in the Clear Creek and Gilpin county clerk and recorder offices piecing together the ownership matrix of over 400 parcels by searching through transfer documents (often by grantor/grantee tracking), exceptions, mineral severance documentation and maps. We then reviewed each document obtained to build a spreadsheet for each parcel on the eight miles of road to determine who owned the surface to each square foot of the sixty foot right of way so that it could be properly purchased. In addition, we had to determine when the surface had been severed from the mineral right to be certain our client was purchasing the property from the correct person. Often times, this required us to go back to patents and review old fire and county road maps. Eventually, we were able to put together the list of parcel owners that the client used to purchase all of the necessary property for the road, which was completed in 2004.

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