Project Details

YMCA Inholding Property Rights Definition | 2004 - 2005

Scope of Work:
- Mineral and Title Research and Analysis
- Research

The RLS team has also worked on an inholding research project for a large property owner in Larimer county who had acquired small parcels of property slowly over many years. This client was redeveloping its property and needed to know what rights it had on the parcels it owned (water, access and mineral rights) and, what rights the inholding property owners had with regard to property owned by our client (also mostly water, access and mineral rights). This project required us to spend many hours in the offices of the Larimer County clerk and recorder researching grantor/grantee indexes to confirm what rights each property owner retained after all of the historical land transfers. Again, we put together a colorcoded map and spreadsheet for their use that qualified the rights of each property.

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