Project Details

Town of Chihuahua | 2005

Scope of Work:
- Mineral and Title Research and Analysis
- Entitlements and Permitting
- Due Diligence

In Summit County members of the RLS team were asked to determine how many development rights the client held on a parcel of land that the client owned that had been developed in the late 1800s and then burnt down in the early 1900s. This was necessary to help facilitate a trade of property with the Forest Service and the transfer of development rights from this parcel onto another in Summit County. This required us to research both historical grantor/grantee indexes and the supporting transfer documents as well as old maps of county roads, water issues, mineral rights (this was a mining town originally), fire maps and news clippings from the time to determine how many homes had been built or planned at that time. Again, we created a colorcoded map along with a spreadsheet of the various possibilities of rights and justifications for the same.

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