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Entitlements and Permitting
Due Diligence
Mineral and Title Research and Analysis
Development and Zoning
Property Management

Services Descriptions
  • Demographic and market research
  • Assist in locating the ideal market for project or owner’s business
  • Locate site options
  • Conduct site comparison (demographics, timing, budget, construction challenges)
  • Review building codes and other associated binding documents related to entitlement changes, permitting and development issues
  • Locate maps, Board minutes, budgets, unrecorded documents related to particular parcels of land that may effect the ongoing business conducted on that land or changes to the use of the land
Entitlements and Permitting
  • Annex the property into the appropriate jurisdiction
  • Acquire zoning approvals to allow for the planned development
  • Subdivide the land as necessary to accommodate the desired development
  • Negotiate off-site improvement agreements
  • Draft and negotiate various easements necessary for the project’s success (including conservation easements, utility easements and access easements)
  • Obtain water well permits
  • Facilitate the formation of metropolitan districts or inclusion into existing special districts
  • Negotiate necessary changes to flood plain mapping
Due Diligence
  • Analysis of the highest and best use of the property
  • Communicate with governmental jurisdictions to determine permitted zoning and uses
  • Inspect title to the property
  • Arrange for and analyze property surveys
  • Obtain and review environmental studies
  • Request and evaluate site conditions and geotechnical reports
  • Assist in locating and negotiating necessary financing for the acquisition and development of the property
  • Conduct neighborhood outreach program to gain support for the planned development
  • Negotiate with sellers and their brokers on Owner’s behalf to assist Owner in acquiring the ideal parcel of land
Mineral and Title Research and Analysis
  • Investigate existing property documents
  • Research property title and mineral records with BLM, local assessors and clerk and recorders property records
  • Review all documentation for issues that may effect property’s development or ongoing management
Development and Zoning
  • Manage the design of the utilities, roads, drainage, common areas and required off-site improvements
  • Solicit and award bids for the construction of the improvements
  • Draft and negotiate contracts with contractors and suppliers
  • Coordinate and manage design services and provide cost saving recommendations
  • Supervise and manage pre-construction activities
  • Oversee pre-construction costs and vertical construction budgeting
  • Coordinate with governmental jurisdictions to schedule and obtain the appropriate inspections and permits
  • Assist in obtaining building permits for planned vertical development
  • Direct and supervise all of the additional service providers involved in the project, including, outside legal counsel, accountants, tax advisors, contractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, consultants, ect.
Property Management
  • Assist in marketing the property to third party purchasers
  • Manage and facilitate contracting and closing
  • Assist in drafting and review closing documents
  • Coordinate title and closing services
  • Manage maintenance, bookkeeping, tenant concerns and building upkeep for buildings RLS has assisted to develop and build

NOTICE: Raw Land Solutions, LLC, does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice or services and no service provided by Raw Land Solutions, LLC shall be construed as such. Consultant makes no representation to Owner regarding the tax effects of the Project to Owner or the manner in which transactions related to the Property will be treated by state or federal taxing authorities. Consultant recommends that Owner obtain independent tax advice prior to proceeding with the Project.
Teresa Kerrigan expressly notifies Owner and any other individual or entity taking an interest in the Property through Owner (together with Owner, collectively “Interested Party”) that she and any other employee of Raw Land Solutions, LLC is NOT providing legal services to any Interested Party or the Project. Teresa Kerrigan recommends that all Interested Parties seek legal counsel to review any and all work product drafted or negotiated by Teresa Kerrigan or any other employee of Raw Land Solutions, LLC. Teresa Kerrigan further notifies all Interested Parties that she has a pecuniary interest in Raw Land Solutions, LLC. Teresa Kerrigan expressly recommends that all Interested Parties seek legal counsel for all transactions between themselves and Raw Land Solutions, LLC.